Shocking Discovering that Plumbers have Found in Pipes

September 4, 2018

If you feel that pulling out a hairy gunk out of the shower drain is gross then you should wait to find out what plumbers Toronto have come across. They are all disgusting. As a matter of fact, some of the stories are pretty heartwarming.

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A Cat

Auto shop employees often have to listen to sound in order to find out a problem. However, a kitten meowing in distress is not something that you generally get to hear. This group of guys has heard the cat meow for days before they finally came they to discover that it had been coming from the open underground pipe that is present outside the pipe.  After the different agencies tried rescuing the kitten, they found another plumbing service. They have flagged him and he was successful in sucking out the kitten out of the pope using the lowest setting on the vacuum truck.  Thereafter, the kitten had been adopted by one of mechanics working in the auto-shop.


A customer mailed plumbers Toronto with toilet stoppage. As the technician checked into the pipes to find out the source, he pulled lower and upper dentures from the toilet. The customers kept wondering where the dentures went. Basically, he had little more drink than necessary the previous night and unknowingly deposited the porcelain in the pot.

Mass Destruction

Can you imagine what plumbers Toronto had been thinking about they began pulling out the mass from an underground drainage pipe. They began feeling that it is not going to end and where is it.  This mass is on the smaller size. There is another plumbing service that has pulled out a longer and thicker mass.

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Diamond Bracelet

The plumbing crew was in the middle of the two-day project for a customer when they came across a shiny object fall from the sewer line on the ground.  The shiny item was a custom made diamond ring which the customer’s daughter had lost about ten years ago when she had placed it over the counter, close to the sink.

Expanding Dinosaurs

Flushing the toilet and making the things disappear might appear like magic to some kids. This is what happened to the dinosaur which had been pulled out from the toilet. Quite unluckily, this is the kind of toy which expands when it is exposed to water. Thus, it was stuck when it had been flushed. Thankfully, plumbers Toronto was able to retrieve it.

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A Poopsicle

A long period of freezing weather will always keep the plumbers busy with the bursting frozen pipes. However, there is one plumbing service received a call about the main server backup. On their arrival, the plumbers discovered that the sewer line had frozen and the part of the pipe with feces in it had to cut and replaced.  When the plumbers Toronto removed the pipe, he found a poopsicle.

Sewer Mice

In the plumbing business, plumbers refer to this as the sewer mice. Tampons shouldn’t be flushed.  However, plumbers tend to face this problem quite frequently.  Cotton doesn’t decompose. Thus, it will clog up the system leading to expensive damage to the septic system and it is difficult to remove the wastewater treatment facilities.